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Bicycle crash victim.

Safety Tips for Cyclists

This article is posted courtesy of Mann & Maximon Attorneys at Law, Colorado Bicycle Accident Lawyers practicing in Boulder, Colorado. Preventing Bicycle Accidents: Safety Tips for Cyclists About the Author Not only drivers of motor vehicles encounter accidents. No one is excluded. Even bicycle riders do. Although there are rules implemented to avoid it, still […]

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Josh Maximon cycling fast

Stuart Mann in the Leadville 100 Bike Race

Stuart Mann is a winning lawyer on and off the bicycle race circuit. He recently finished the 100 mile Mountain Bike Race in the top 10% for all age groups and in under 9 hours a mark sought after by all entrants. Mann and Maximon Attorneys at Law are experts in bicycle accident law and […]

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Hand with Money

A Guide To Elder Care Choices

Nursing Homes – A Difficult (But Important) Choice Author: gmanty Luckily, I am blessed with independent parents who are in excellent health.  My father is turning 70 this July and my mother is only a few years behind (sorry to blow your secret, mom!)  While they could both stand to lose a little weight and […]

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The hands of an elderly woman

What If You Suspect Elder Abuse

What Should You Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse Author: Nick Messe Elder abuse isn’t a new phenomenon but it’s certainly a growing one. As the population in the United States ages there is a greater need for assisted living apartment communities and full-care facilities for seniors. These facilities are staffed by professional caregivers who […]

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elderly couple

Nursing Home Neglect

Learn the Truth About Nursing Home Neglect and Elder Abuse Author: Daniel Berry It’s a hard decision to entrust a loved one to the care of strangers. Your loved one might be scared or confused when placed in unfamiliar surroundings. They might suffer from dementia, angry outbursts, or the inability to speak. For families of […]

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Car Wreck

Auto Accidents With Multiple Vehicles

Author When you are involved in an auto accident with multiple cars, the process works a little bit differently than if it is just you and another driver. For one thing, the crash may cause more serious injuries, especially if trucks, buses or other large vehicles are involved. You need an attorney to help you […]

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Cyclist Feet

After Your Cycling Accident

Let us help you get back on your feet. We are not only expert litigators and accident attorneys, but we are avid and passionate cyclists.  Being cyclists and litigators helps get you the justice you deserve and helps you get back on the road more quickly.

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