Cantaloupe Listeria Lawsuits Filed Against Freshpack, Frontera Produce, Primus Labs, Wal-Mart Stores and Federal Fruit & Produce

Cantaloupe listeria lawsuits were filed in Boulder County and Fremont County alleging injuries suffered as a result of eating canteloupe contaminated with listeria.  The two suits filed allege that Jensen brand cantaloupe purchased at two Wal-Mart stores were contaminted with listeria monocytogenes.  The contamination likely occurred at the cantaloupe packing facility where the listeria strain was found to exist.  Poor design, operation and maintenance of the packing facility may have contributed to the growth of the listeria.  Substandard condtions and practices at Jensen Farms facilities were identified where the cantaloupe was processed.   Lawyer Stuart Mann of  Mann & Maximon, LLC  is representing the injured individuals who have been disabled and will require on going medical care and treatment.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Alice Henneman.