Client Testimonials

Josh Maximon and Stuart Mann - Attorneys at Law in Colorado

Always thinking about our clients.

Josh Maximon & Stuart Mann help clients achieve their goals.

Our approach? We take the time to fully understand your unique situation. This allows us to anticipate your needs and provide informed guidance. We make it a priority to be readily accessible to clients. And our strategic focus is always on your current and long term well-being. Our proven track record in the courtroom gives us the credibility that is vital to obtaining the best possible outcome.

Mann & Maximon clients consistently remark that our service style is not only extremely effective, but also cost efficient, responsive and proactive. Here are just a few examples of what clients have said about our case work:

Josh has represented me on numerous occasions over the past 9 years. He is a fearless, tireless, and focused representative. I add integrity and fairness to the recipe and I feel I have the best legal representation in Colorado. Trust in your attorney is a key to believing you are getting the best possible legal representation…Josh has all of my trust.

—Jerry Walters, CEO, Abarimon Solutions

When we went to the settlement conference, I was ready to accept what was offered, but Stuart encouraged me to go to trial. He was not afraid of the insurance company or their lawyers. At trial, we received three times more than the insurance company offered us. I was very impressed with his trial skills.

When I lost my son in an automobile accident it was devastating. Stuart helped our family cope with the loss. His guidance and expertise in wrongful death cases was tremendous. He was respectful yet demanding in handling the case. While there is never enough money to bring back a lost child, Stuart made the defendants pay for their actions and recovered a huge amount of money to help our family. He did a great job.

After my auto accident, I had to have my hip replaced. The insurance company said that my need for a hip replacement was not accident related. Stuart believed in me and my case and we were able to obtain the maximum amount available. His hard work helped change my life.

I was treated like a member of the family. They were always willing to answer my questions and help in any way they could. Best of all, they did a great job and we got a great settlement for my case.