Auto Accidents

Properly handling a motorcycle, truck or automobile accident takes expertise, patience and experience.  Often times it is beneficial to obtain data and information quickly.  When possible we like to follow the following procedures:

  • Proper Investigation of the accident scene
  • Photographs of the scene and accident
  • Photographs of the auto, motorcycle or truck involved
  • Obtaining statements from witnesses of the accident
  • Interviewing law enforcement personnel
  • Obtaining photographs of the injuries, damages and losses
  • Analyzing insurance documentation and determining coverage types and amounts

Do you often wonder what you should do immediately after a vehicle accident?
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Automobile Accident Lawyers in Boulder Colorado

Once the initial investigation is complete we can begin to micro-analyze the case to best maximize your recovery.  Every client, every case, every injury is different.  We represent people with all types of injuries – spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, broken vertebrae, traumatic brain injuries, broken arms and legs and a whole array of orthopedic and psychological injuries that result from automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents.

There are times when extreme tragedy strikes a family – death is a terrible thing.  Children, spouses, parents, siblings and other family members all suffer the pain when someone passes away due to an automobile accident.  Mann & Maximon has helped countless victim families recover from wrongful death.  There is nothing that can bring that person back but Mann & Maximon can make it easier for those left behind to move forward with their lives.  Whether it be to provide support for living, an educational fund for children, or a trust for the family to rely upon in time of need Mann & Maximon will be there for you.  Call us, we can & will help.

When you are hurt, the attorney you choose makes a difference. For more than 20 years, Stuart Mann and Josh Maximon have successfully fought to protect the rights of vehicle accident injury victims.

Winning case after case while fighting against the major insurance companies ensures that our clients will receive the maximum reward possible.

Attorneys with a proven winning record get more respect and attention from opposing counsel, which means better results for our clients.

Contingent fee representation is available. In contingent fee cases, we are paid only when our clients are paid. There is no cost to you for an initial consultation or case review.

Stuart Mann and Josh Maximon are experienced Automobile Accident Lawyers practicing in Boulder, Denver, the Front Range and throughout Colorado.   Joshua Maximon was named a Colorado Super Lawyer. Stuart Mann is a member of the National Board of Trial Advocates. Mann & Maximon are expert trial attorneys experienced at winning maximum rewards for automobile accident victims.  However, all cases are not appropriate for trial.  Often times, clients prefer to settle their cases without going to court.  In Colorado four to five major insurance companies dominate the automobile insurance market.   Mann & Maximon has developed a highly regarded reputation with all of these companies and if a case needs to be settled Mann & Maximon have the skills and expertise to settle the case for the maximum amount available.

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