Nursing Home Neglect and Elder Abuse

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The people most dear to you need the best care and support possible.  Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse is a huge and growing problem and if neglect has harmed a loved one please call us.

Nursing Home NeglectFor more than 20 years, Stuart Mann and Josh Maximon have successfully asserted and protected the rights of elder abuse victims.

Winning case after case and working directly with the major insurance companies ensures that our clients will receive the maximum reward possible.

Attorneys with a proven winning record get more respect and attention from opposing counsel which means better results for our clients.

Contingent fee representation is often available. In contingency cases, we are paid only when our clients are paid. There is no cost to you for an initial consultation or case review.

Mann & Maximon Attorneys at Law practice in Boulder, Colorado and represent Nursing home elder abuse and neglect victims across the State of Colorado.