Truck Accidents

Mann & Maximon provide expert knowledge in truck accident and injury cases. We are able to analyze multiple theories of liability.  In trucking accident injury cases it is important to explore multiple key factors at play.

Truck accident cases are complex, and often involve severely injured individuals and a number of potential defendants, including the truck driver, owner of the truck, leasing company, and the manufacturer of the truck or parts of the truck.

Damages in these cases can be significant and attorneys representing the plaintiff or defendant in these cases must understand the common causes of trucking accidents, safety regulations governing the trucking industry, assigning responsibility among defendants, and the role of insurance in these suits.

All trucks are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Act.  This act sets forth the rules and regulations for the proper and safe operation of trucks.

For example, truck operators are required to keep log books that document the hours of service, i.e., amount of time the driver has been on the road.  The Act requires that drivers receive adequate breaks in between shifts.  All trucking companies are required to maintain a driver qualification file, which contains verified information regarding the driver’s qualifications to operate the vehicle.  Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Act requires inspection, maintenance and repair of the truck mechanical systems, including the brakes, tires, engine and drive train by a qualified mechanic.

Each case is different and each truck is different, Mann & Maximon reviews each case and asks:

  • What are the rules that govern trucking safety for the truck involved in the case?
  • What role does driver hiring, training and supervision play in determining liability?
  • How is liability assigned between multiple defendants?
  • What was the cause or causes that led to the trucking accident?
  • What portions of the Motor Carrier Act were violated and how can those violations be used to strengthen the case?

The drivers of large commercial vehicles, we believe, have a large responsibility for the safety of the public. All of us share the public roadways on a daily basis with professional drivers, operating 80,000 pound vehicles. Therefore, our belief is that professional truck drivers, who provide vital services to our overall economy, should be trained to the highest levels, as well as be healthy, and well rested.

At Mann & Maximon, our reputation, experience and skill as trial attorneys are the keys to our success in obtaining maximum compensation for our clients. Our expertise includes investigating liability and insurance coverage, developing the facts, and pursuing litigation where appropriate. Our knowledge and experience with truck accident litigation differentiates us from the rest and maximizes your benefit.

Contingent fee representation is often available. In contingency cases, we are paid only when our clients are paid. There is no cost to you for an initial consultation or case review.

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