Bicycle crash victim.

Hiring a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Author: Jean Kuda

Bicycle AccidentHave you been injured on a bicycle while riding on your way to a friend’s house due to a defective road or negligent motorist? If so, then you have possibly gone through the excruciating phase of your life. In cases like these, you need to consult a bicycle accident attorney.

A bicycle accident lawyer is one who specializes in defending the rights of cyclists who have been involved in biking accidents. He knows and understands the associated laws in bicycle accident cases. Because of the exhaustive nature of bicycle accident claims, the assistance of this type of legal advocates must be sought.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a bike accident, it is a good idea for you to contact a bicycle lawyer sooner rather than later. There are various reasons to do this.

First, in bicycle accident cases, the motorists are frequently at fault. Although cyclists are expected to follow the traffic rules, automobile drivers too often ignore bikes and fail to give them the room to maneuver compared to what they would give to other motor vehicles. Many motorists fail to properly share the road with bicyclists resulting mostly to fatal accidents.

Furthermore, a bike obviously offers much less protection than a motor vehicle. It is no match to most automobiles that weighs thousands of pounds. Obviously, the bicyclist is usually the one seriously injured if struck by a car. The injuries sustained can be very serious, while those in the car may have suffered not a single bruise.

Last, if you lack medical insurance, it’s especially important for you to contact an attorney, as you may require long-term rehabilitation or multiple surgeries following a car-bike collision.

In addition, battles with insurance companies result in unfavorable settlements for bicyclists, motorists receiving as much as 40% higher compensation for damages.

Due to the dangerous nature of bicycle, injury causing accidents frequently happen. It occurs mainly from three common sources:

  • reckless, belligerent or blindsided motorists
  • swinging car doors
  • jay walking pedestrians

The most common cause of bicycle accident is due to a negligent driver. The injured rider may be entitled to reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, and permanent disability.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that in 2005 alone, 784 bicyclists were killed on roads in the U.S., most of them from crashes with motor vehicles. More than 540,000 people are injured each year in bicycle accidents with about 67,000 suffering head injuries and 27,000 requiring hospitalization.

Victims of bicycle accidents must learn to preserve evidence if able to do so. This is because well-preserved evidence will help ensure the fullest compensation available in cases of serious injury or wrongful death. It can be done by:

  • taking pictures
  • documenting road conditions
  • recording data as to construction sites
  • gathering detailed information regarding property damage

To protect your legal rights following severe injury or wrongful death resulting from a bicycle accident, it is best to immediately consult an experienced bicycle accident attorney. Otherwise, you may lose the opportunity to recover suitable damages if you fail to meet the deadline of filing such case.

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