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Safety Tips for Cyclists

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Preventing Bicycle Accidents: Safety Tips for Cyclists

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  • Not only drivers of motor vehicles encounter accidents. No one is excluded. Even bicycle riders do. Although there are rules implemented to avoid it, still an accident could occur anytime.
  • These are some reasons why bicycle accident happens:
  • Drivers. Most cases are because of negligence in the part of the vehicle driver:
  • Overtaking without signaling the cyclist
  • Not estimating the gap of the car to the bicycle properly
  • Distracted. Calling or texting while driving
  • Drunk
  • Improper maintenance of road. Potholes and construction zones without warning, defectively designed road
  • Negligence of the owner of a property
  • Negligence on the part of the manufacturers and producers of the bicycle parts
  • Anybody who is at fault for doing so would be legally responsible to the accident.

So how will it be?

If you don’t have enough knowledge when it comes to legal matters, do not take any step. You will be needing assistance from attorneys who are expert in this area of law.

In Los Angeles, there are lawyers who are capable of handling personal injury related cases, such as bicycle accident.

They would give you legal advice on what to do, and back you up in claiming your rights for the damages that has been done to you because of the accident.

They would be able to help you in getting insurance. And you are guaranteed that you will recover full and fair compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost of wages due to the accident
  • Repair of your bicycle
  • Emotional suffering
  • They will accompany you throughout the process until you are paid back for everything that was lost after the incident.

Safety reminders

i. A driver of any vehicle should wear safety gears anytime because you would not know when accidents could happen. Even if you have safety helmet, you can still be harmed in any way.

ii. Be careful when riding bicycle. Always drive in the right pathway. Taking the right way would prevent you from being hit by cars passing by.

iii. Obey traffic rules.

iv.  Always keep your hands on brakes

v. Be alert! Always look side to side to assure that you are not too close to other motor vehicles because they might hit you.

vi. Be attentive with the road lights. If it is signals you to stop, then you should.

vii. Give signals before turning left or to right. Remember, your bicycle does not have horns as other vehicles do. But it is up to you if you would want to put one, so you won’t be using your hands to signal when you’re turning.

viii. Do not drink then drive. Drunk driving is one of the major causes of accidents.

ix. Wear reflective vest especially when driving at night so that other drivers would be aware that someone is driving along.

x. Always check your bicycle if it is conditioned. Check the brakes, the mirrors and wheels before using it.

xi. Focus your attention. Do not let yourself be distracted by other things such as using cell phones while driving your bicycle.

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