What to do After You’re in an Accident

Accidents happen unexpectedly.  They can be terrifying, shocking and upsetting.  Expect that adrenaline will be released and potentially compromise your ability to think clearly.

Set forth below is a set of instructions to follow:

  • Check your health and how your body feels – if you are injured or hurting in any way call 911 and request an ambulance.  Often times the adrenaline rushing through your body may be masking some of your injuries.  Be sure to report any injuries that you are feeling to the police.
  • Remain at the scene and call (911).  Wait until the police arrive and obtain your story as to how the accident occurred.
  • Call a family member or friend to the scene.  Have them take pictures at the scene of both cars and the scene in general.  Use your cell phone if you don’t have a camera.  Photographs are the best evidence you can have.Car Accident Lawyers in Boulder, Colorado
  • Do not move your vehicle until after the police arrive.  The police have a more difficult time determining how the accident occurred if the vehicles have been moved.  When vehicles are moved the “point of impact” is difficult to establish and the at fault party will have a better chance of avoiding a ticket.
  • If you are badly injured remain in your car or find a comfortable place to sit away from the dangers of traffic until the paramedics arrive.  Do not move around and do not attempt to direct traffic or investigate the scene.
  • Do not speak to the other driver except to find out if they are injured.  It is not wise to get into arguments or verbal encounters with the opposing party.
  • If you are injured take the ambulance to the hospital.  Don’t be the “tough guy ” get medical help and follow up with your family doctor or a specialist if necessary.
  • Once you have your health situation under control, call your insurance company to establish a claim.  Do not agree to give a recorded statement.
  • Read your insurance policy to determine what type of coverage you have on your car, e.g. rental car, towing and collision.
  • Begin the process of finding alternate transportation and getting your car estimated for repair.  Find a repair shop that you trust to obtain a repair estimate.

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